Flowers By Carra is a flower farm and floral design business located in the Santa Cruz Mountians on the Central Coast of California. We grow flowers for wholesale, farmers markets and special events. It is our intention to maintain sustainable practices, from field to vase. This includes but is not limited to seed saving, composting, wise water use, and promoting use of resuable materials in design work. 

About Carra

I have been growing and designing flowers in Santa Cruz since 2009. The natural world has been the center of my  curiosity for some time now. Growing up, I spent time getting dirty in my mothers garden, catching lizards, climbing mountains + traveling the world. It is the comings and goings of the seasons that move me.Seasonal change brings an ephemeral beauty and allows for the appreciation of the fleeting days of summer or the slow dropping of tulip petals. This is what fuels my creativity and inspires me to be conscience of the world I grow in.